Children's Dentistry

Take care of your teeth and they’ll take care of you

It is important for your child to visit a dentist early. This allows for guidance specific to your child, so that we can give them the gift of health teeth right from the start. We guide parents on the different things to be aware of – what happens during teething, the foods that cause tooth decay, how to maintain good oral health, nursing bottle decay etc.

Early association with a dentist will help throughout the growing years of your child to maintain dental health and also in getting familiar with routine dental visits.

Children's Dental

Picking the right dentist for your child

A dental visit is a very important trip in your child’s life. It is very important that you place your child in good hands, so choose your dentist carefully.

At Maylands Dental Centre, our dentists are highly skilled in paediatric dentistry and experienced in dealing with children of all ages. The friendly faces of our dentists will put your child at ease right from the first visit. We believe that once a good relationship is established between your child and the dentist – the rest of the dental care and procedures will proceed smoothly.

Caring for teeth right from the start

The first dental visit should begin when your child is around 6 months of age – right around the time when the first tooth erupts. Your dentist can guide you about what to expect during teething. Check with them about what to do if there is drooling, or swelling of the gums.

Foods that form a major part of the child’s diet should also be given due importance. Try to avoid sugar-rich foods as much as possible. An occasional sweet treat is okay, but do bear in mind that too much sugar can cause cavities, especially if the food gets left behind on the tooth.

Older kids

As kids grow older, they might also develop habits such as thumb sucking or using pacifiers. Check with our experienced dentists about the best ways to help your kids wean away from these habits, so as to avoid teeth crowding and breathing issues.

Our experience tells us that if children know which foods are good for their health and development, they will become more receptive to healthy food options. Ask our dentist to counsel your children on good food habits.

Children who are active in sports and games have higher chances of oral facial trauma. Mouth guards are recommended for all contact sports. In the case of any accidents, please contact us as soon as possible so that we may advise the appropriate care and attention.

Regular dental examinations will also allow our dentist to monitor your child's growth, so as to determine to best time for braces and orthodontic intervention. This will allow for the most conservative option as we can usually use their growth spurt to our advantage.

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