Gum Disease

Prevention is better than a cure

Prevention is better than a cure and at Maylands Dental Centre our practice is built around good oral hygiene and we strongly believe this is the best method to ensure a healthy smile and lifestyle.

  • Bleeding gums? Bad Breath? Receeding gums?
  • You don’t need to lose your teeth
  • You can control gum disease and win the fight
  • Pain-free treatment

Our passion is to create a healthy society and the promotion of looking after your body with the mouth being the entry point. We can provide all our patients with diet sheets and extensive information for parents on how to fill their kids lunch boxes with a great range of low in sugar and acid snacks.

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A great smile is simply part of a healthy, happy life. At Maylands Dental Centre, we see the whole person, and we know dental health is more than just your teeth.

We accept all health funds, and are preferred providers for: