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To keep or not to keep: root canal therapy or tooth extraction?

  Deciding between root canal therapy or tooth extraction is something we help our patients navigate through almost on a daily basis. In this blog we’ll look at the indications, pros and cons for keeping or pulling a tooth. What dental problems lead to root canal or tooth extraction? When you get a toothache – […]

Is bottled water safe for your teeth and smile?

Aussies are drinking more and more bottled water instead of tap water. Spending upwards of $35 per person per year on bottled water. Tooth decay and erosion are on the rise too. In this article we’ll look at the different kinds of bottled waters, compare them to tap water and bust some myths fueling the […]

Fluoride: is it good or bad for your smile and overall health?

Fluoride safety is a question we get asked about regularly at Maylands Dental Centre. We’ve looked at the literature extensively and put together this blog to answer all your questions and relax your fears about this natural supplement. What is fluoride and where is it found? Fluoride is the ionic form of the element fluorine […]

Causes, treatment, and prevention of mouth sores

Mouth sores a common illness. They are minor irritations or ailments that affect many people from time to time. These sores are generally painful and they can appear on any spot inside your mouth, which includes gums, tongue, cheeks, roof and floor of your mouth and also lips. Some people develop sores on the tube […]

When is the best age to bring your child to the dentist?

This is a frequently asked question by many parents. The short answer is there are numerous milestone ages that are key to good oral health along with smile and face development.   Bring kids to the dentist in their first year of life   You may be surprised to learn that we dentists like to […]

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