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Causes, treatment, and prevention of mouth sores

Mouth sores a common illness. They are minor irritations or ailments that affect many people from time to time. These sores are generally painful and they can appear on any spot inside your mouth, which includes gums, tongue, cheeks, roof and floor of your mouth and also lips. Some people develop sores on the tube […]

When is the best age to bring your child to the dentist?

This is a frequently asked question by many parents. The short answer is there are numerous milestone ages that are key to good oral health along with smile and face development.   Bring kids to the dentist in their first year of life   You may be surprised to learn that we dentists like to […]

Speakers Tribe Gathering, Maylands, WA, 9 July

Are you striving to become a good speaker and put across your message and ideas so that more people can benefit from your life experiences? Come to 55 Harrington street, The Rocks, NSW, 2000 Australia on Tuesday¬† 9th July at 6.30¬† to 8.00 pm. The Speakers Tribe is a non profit initiative which is an […]

Is Invisalign better than braces?

Orthodontic treatment procedures are performed by the dentists for creating attractive smiles and for treating dental concerns. Advancement in technology and dental medicine has helped to create major revolutionary treatment options. Orthodontic treatment is done not just for cosmetic purposes but also for dental health reasons. Crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, overcrowding of teeth, overbite and […]

What To Expect After Dental Implants

Dental Implants can be simply understood as artificial or replacement teeth. They are the next to natural teeth one can have through the dental procedure. It is a very beneficial teeth restorative procedure available for those who have lost their teeth. This procedure helps to restore teeth in people both structurally and functionally. Providing support […]

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