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Children's Dentistry


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Dentistry that is focused specifically on children’s dental health is known as children’s dentistry or paediatric dentistry. There are many aspects of oral health and related services that pertain to children – diagnosis of oral diseases, preventing and maintaining overall oral health and hygiene, braces, teeth straightening etc.

Right from when the first tooth erupts or possibly even before that, a paediatric dentist can provide the right guidance to ensure your child’s oral health is off to a great start. We guide parents on the different things to be aware of – what happens during teething, what type of foods contribute can cause tooth decay,  how to maintain good oral health etc.

Early association with a dentist will help throughout the growing years of your child not only in terms of maintaining dental health, but also in getting familiar with routine dental visits.

Picking the right dentist for your child and her first visit to the dentist

Visiting a dentist will definitely be a very important trip in your child’s life. It is very important that you place your child in good hands, so choose your dentist carefully.

Mayland dentists are highly skilled in paediatric dentistry and experienced in dealing with children of all ages. The friendly faces of our dentists put your child at ease right from the first visit. We believe that once a good relationship is established between your child and the dentist – rest of the dental care and procedures will proceed smoothly.

After you have made an appointment with us, it would help if you tell your child what to expect during the visit. Explain to her about the general procedures that usually happen at a dental centre, why you need to visit a dentist regularly etc. There are some great youtube videos including peppa pig the wiggles.

The discussion will help your child understand what goes on in a dental clinic, and they will be prepared instead of being caught off-guard with all the tools and procedures. Encourage your child to ask questions and put their mind at ease.

Caring for teeth right from the start

Visiting a dentist when your child is around 6 months of age – right around the time when the first teeth erupts – is highly recommended. Your dentist can guide you about what to expect during teething. Check with them about what to do if there is drooling, or swelling of the gums.

Foods that form a major part of the child’s diet should also be given due importance. Try and avoid sugar-rich foods as much as possible. An occasional sweet treat is okay, but do bear in mind that too much sugar can cause cavities, especially if your child forgets to clean her teeth afterwards.

Older kids

As kids grow older, they might also develop habits such as thumb sucking or using pacifiers. Check with our experienced dentists about the best ways to help kids  get over these habits.

Our experience tells us that if kids know which foods are good for their health and development, they would become more receptive to healthy food options. Ask our dentist to counsel your children on good food habits.

Children who are active in sports and games may have high chances getting injured in the oral region. If there is fracturing of teeth or if teeth get knocked out during games, then it is important that you check with the dentist at the earliest so they can provide proper care. Our dentists may recommend mouth guards to protect your child’s teeth during contact sports.

Regular dental examinations will also help you start braces or any other teeth straightening treatment if required at the earliest.

Get in touch with us right away to know more about our children’s dentistry services.

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