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Maylands Peninsula parkrun – Weekly Free 5km Timed Run

Mayland Peninsula Volunteers have organized a 5km Maryland Peninsula Parkrun every Saturday at 8.00 am.

This event has been organized in consultation with the health organizations to keep the Mayland residents fit and healthy.

As we all know walking and running has truly huge health benefits which include the following.

Running is the best exercise to burn most calories than other exercises. It is inexpensive and it lowers the stress thereby improving the mood. The morning is best time to run as the air is fresh and it is easier to take time out in the morning. A morning run results in a good night’s sleep.

There are a few tips to run. First is taking a break when you need one. Plan to run with one or more friends. It becomes fun when you have company while running.

Maylands Peninsula Park run is a 5 km run. There is no time limit. You can complete the run at your own pace and time.  You can join the run every Saturday at 8.00am.

The event starts at Clarkson Reserve, Clarkson road.

It is free but it is important to register before the first run. At registration you will be given a barcode printout. Remember to bring it every time you join the runners on Saturdays. If you forget the barcode you cannot get time to run.

It is an enjoyable event. Please come and have fun while getting fit.

The run is managed by volunteers of Maylands. You can have a discounted coffee at Noggos kitchen at 40 Peninsula roads.

Volunteers get complimentary coffee.

How to reach at the park run

The closest rail station is Maylands, which is 3.5 km walk from the station to the start at Clarkson road.

The nearest Airport is Perth airport which is 18 km from the city.

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