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Same Day Crowns

  • Highly aesthetic, tooth coloured
  • No impression material required
  • All completed in one visit
  • 100% Biocompatible
  • More affordable than lab made crowns

Dental Crowns & Bridges

“Replace those ugly amalgams”

CEREC is the cutting-edge 3D computer technology combined to create highly aesthetic, tooth-coloured restorations including crowns and bridgework in a single visit. Our state of the art CEREC milling unit is located in-surgery allowing us to produce high precision same day ceramic restorations that fit so incredibly accurate to the tooth preparation – perfect for replacing those old cracked amalgams or broken teeth in one visit.

Traditional crowns and restorative processes are time consuming and sometimes over aggressive treatments whereas CEREC crowns allow for minimal damage to your teeth and durable restorations which will last for years.

Same day CEREC crowns. No impressions. No temporary crowns. And all over in one visit. Now thats something to smile about!

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