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Speakers Tribe Gathering, Maylands, WA, 9 July

Are you striving to become a good speaker and put across your message and ideas so that more people can benefit from your life experiences?

Come to 55 Harrington street, The Rocks, NSW, 2000 Australia on Tuesday  9th July at 6.30  to 8.00 pm.

The Speakers Tribe is a non profit initiative which is an organisation  of speakers who are bringing the change about in the world with one message at a time. The members of the Speakers Tribe gather every month to share, speak and empower one another towards the growth through their power of talk.

The Speakers Institutes alumni has formed the Speakers Tribe, which is all about empowering speakers all around with tips and tricks in speaking. It helps members with suggestions for how to master the art of communication with confidence. The Speakers tribe help each other in transferring competencies and helping the speakers to develop charm while speaking.

The Speakers tribe has basic values of truth, belief, passion and commitment, and strives to ignite a spark that inspire learning and transform messages to make a difference in what was and what can be. It believes in excellence for all clients.

The Speakers Tribe Leaders in NSW are:

Dianne McCabe, Veronica Roller, Andy Otto, Sandra Barlett and Rowena Ditzell.

The commitment of leaders are 100% and they will make the event memorable.

Want to participate? Here are the details again:

Tuesday 9th July
At 6.30-800
At 55, Harrington street NSW.

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