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Bring out your child's best smile with Maylands Dental Centre's dental services today. You won't have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses; CDBS has you covered!

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Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a financial assistance for your child's dental care

Dental problems are a common problem for Australian children.

A beautiful smile is something that lasts a lifetime, and it’s essential to make sure your child has one from an early age. But dental care can be expensive, often costing thousands of dollars per year in preventative maintenance alone. 

We’ve got great news for parents like yourself: Maylands Dental Centre accepts CDBS which can be your dental financial assistance, so you don’t have to worry about paying too much or having trouble finding someone who will accept them! Our dentists love working with kids, and we’re committed to providing quality services for your entire family at affordable prices. 

How Does CDBS Work?

The dental benefit entitlements are an excellent way for your kids to get the care they need without worrying about dental costs.

CBDS total dental benefit is capped at $1,000 per child over two years, and specific eligibility criteria must be met in order to access the benefits. If the total amount is not spent in the first year, it is carried over into the second year. Any funds not used by the end of the second year are forfeited.

If your child is qualified, there is no wait time, and you can schedule an appointment right away. When you book an appointment, make sure to ask if the dentist you’ve chosen accepts CDBS. Of course, we do at Maylands Dental Centre, and we prefer to bulk bill so that there is generally no out-of-pocket cost.

Before starting any procedure, your dentist will advise you of the cost of any treatment so that you may spend your budget wisely. As previously stated, we prefer to bulk bill dental expenses for children, while some practices require you to pay an up-front payment and then claim reimbursement from the CDBS scheme.

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Why Us

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Maylands Dental Centre

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Comfortable Clinic Setting with Cutting Edge Technology

At Maylands Dental Centre, we’ve spent over ten years making kids happy and comfortable at the dentist. We are committed to using cutting-edge technology in our practice to provide innovative treatments without the discomfort or fear associated with dental procedures.

Experienced Dentist

Our team is comprised only of registered dental practitioners who have completed advanced training in their respective fields. We prioritise providing quality dental care, focusing on patient comfort and satisfaction.

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Accepts All Health Funds

We offer a variety of affordable dental treatment options for all Health Funds members. You can save money on dental care while still getting the quality treatment your child deserves.

We accept all health
funds, and are
preferred providers.

We’re committed to providing the best possible care for all of our patients no matter their health insurance provider. We accept all healthfund providers and are a preferred provider for HBF, HCF, NIB, and CBHS. We also have a HICAPS machine for easy and fast claims.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your child is considered eligible for the CDBS by Medicare, the program’s administrator, if:

They are within the applicable age range of 0 to 17 years old for at least part of the calendar year period in which they become eligible for Medicare;

  • They’re within the applicable age range for at least some of that year.
  • They qualify for Medicare.
  • For at least some of that year, you will receive either Family Tax Benefit Part A, a parenting eligible payment, or double orphan pension payments.

Even so, it’s essential to check with Medicare to ensure that your child continues to qualify for CDBS before calling your dentist to schedule an appointment.

Bear in mind that not all dentists participate in the CDBS; it’s advisable to confirm this with your dentist before scheduling treatment.

The CDBS offers a wide range of dental benefits and dental treatments to eligible children.

These include:

  1. Check-ups and examinations
  2. Teeth cleaning
  3. Fillings
  4. Root Canals
  5. Tooth extraction
  6. Fissure sealing

It should be noted that benefits do not cover orthodontic or cosmetic dental work. Furthermore, treatment must be conducted outside of a hospital to be eligible.

You cannot use the CBDS benefit and private health insurance to pay for the same dental service.

You have two options for claiming your benefit:

  • At the dentist, when you pay.
  • If your dentist does not bulk bill, we will send it to you.

Not all dentists provide bulk billing. You should check to see if yours does when you book an appointment.

If your dentist does not file a claim on your behalf, you may file a claim using any of the following methods:

  • The Express Plus Medicare mobile app
  • Your Medicare online account through myGov
  • A Medicare claim form and posting it to the address on the form
  • A Medicare claim form and take it to a service centre

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