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Maylands Dental Centre is here to help you keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Our dental blog is packed with helpful articles on all things oral health. Whether it's the latest trends in dentistry or tips to maintain a healthy smile, we've got you covered.

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Combating Wear and Tear with Dental Crown Maintenance for Seniors
Dental crowns are crucial in protecting the oral health of seniors, offering support and strength to weakened teeth. However, despite their durability, crowns are susceptible to we
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Creating Your Dream Smile with Dental Crowns and Aesthetics
Creating the dream smile involves more than just addressing dental health issues; it's also about achieving an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Dental crowns play a crucial role
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Exploring the Benefits and Considerations of Dental Crowns for Seniors
As the senior population continues to grow, the importance of maintaining oral health in later life increases. Dental crowns emerge as a significant component of dental care for se
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The Vital Link Between Dental Bridges and Gum Health
Strong teeth and gums are crucial in maintaining a healthy mouth. They are essential to oral health and the building blocks of a beautiful smile. Dental bridges are a common option
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Maintain a Straight Smile by Preventing Tooth Misalignment with Dental Bridges
In a world where a smile can speak volumes, maintaining the alignment of your teeth is crucial for both aesthetic appeal and oral health. A straight smile not only boosts confidenc
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When and Why You Might Need Dental Bridge Replacement
In the journey towards maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile, dental bridges play a crucial role for many. Besides restoring oral function, these bridges also enhance aesthetic
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Signs Your Dental Bridge Needs Repair
If you have a dental bridge, you are likely aware of its transformative impact on your smile. Designed to fill the gaps left by missing teeth, dental bridges are fabricated to func
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Daily Dental Bridge Care Tips You Need for A Brighter Smile
Maintaining a bright, healthy smile is something we all strive for, and when it comes to dental bridges, daily care is non-negotiable. This dental option plays a crucial role in ou
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The Dental Bridge and Oral Health Connection
When discussing options for replacing missing teeth, the concept of a "dental bridge" frequently emerges. However, its importance extends beyond merely filling gaps left by missing
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