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Maylands Peninsula parkrun – Weekly Free 5km Timed Run

Mayland Peninsula Volunteers have organized a 5km Maryland Peninsula Parkrun every Saturday at 8.00 am. This event has been organized in consultation with the health organizations to keep the Mayland residents fit and healthy. As we all know walking and running has truly huge health benefits which include the following. Running is the best exercise […]

What ingredients are in your toothpaste and what do they do?

Toothpaste ingredients have become more numerous and more complex in recent years as manufacturers try to add more oral health and cosmetic benefits to each tube. However mouth irritation and allergies are on the rise too. Here’s what you need to know. A very short history of toothpaste Toothpaste has been used in various forms […]

Are Porcelain Veneers Right For You?

Cosmetic Dentistry’s main emphasis is on improving the appearance of a person. The focus would be mainly on the colour, shape size etc. of the teeth and less on the functionality of the teeth. Boosting the self-esteem of a person can be said to be one of the rewards of this branch of this dentistry. […]

Fitness, supplements and oral health: what you need to know to be mouth F.I.T.

At Maylands Dental Centre we’ve been noticing an alarming rate of dental decay, teeth erosion and dry mouth among the fitness community of late. This can lead to pain, expense and compromised smile aesthetics. We had a look at the scientific literature and found this is happening all over the world. Most recently, a study […]

Oil pulling: is it worth the morning swish effort?

Oil pulling has become a natural oral health remedy sensation in recent years. We’re being asked about it in the clinic more and more. We’ve searched the scientific literature to see what evidence exists to support the health claims of this ancient Ayurvedic practice. What is oil pulling? Oil pulling is a mouth washing and gargling […]

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