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Dental braces are one of the popular ways to achieve an attractive, more beautiful smile. Maylands Dental Centre offers dental braces that will improve your smile, and payment options that can fit your budget.

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Experience a Straighter and Healthier Smile with Dental Braces

When you talk or smile, your teeth are usually the first thing people see. Suppose you have severe bite issues or gaps in your dental structure, it can make you feel embarrassed and affects your self-esteem.

Tooth misalignment is a problem that can have adverse effects on your teeth in many ways. It becomes more difficult to keep clean, leading to bad breath, cavities, and gum disease later down the road.

Dental braces can help with teeth misalignment by gradually straightening them into the right position, making them easier to clean. At Maylands Dental Centre, we offer dental braces as an Orthodontic service to help you get the smile you deserve. Our experienced dental team will create a personalised treatment plan to help you enjoy a beautiful, straighter smile. We also offer a wide range of payment options to make the treatment more convenient and accessible.

Common Reasons Why May Need Dental Braces

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Comfortable Clinic Setting with Cutting-edge Technology

We believe every patient should receive the ideal care and service possible. We provide state-of-the-art dental services with modern techniques so that you can experience comfort and relaxation. You can put your trust in us to provide you with personalised care.

Experienced Dentist and Support Staff

Maylands Dental Centre is committed to giving you an attractive smile. We have a team of skilled dentists with quality training and experience in all aspects of dental care, so your teeth will always be well taken care of.
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Accepts All Health Funds, and We Offer 0% Interest Payment Plans

You don’t need to break the bank for a high-quality service. Maylands Dental Centre provides affordable and effective dental care with flexible payment plans, and we accept all health funds.

We accept all health
funds, and are
preferred providers.

We’re committed to providing the best possible care for all of our patients no matter their health insurance provider. We accept all healthfund providers and are a preferred provider for HBF, HCF, NIB, and CBHS. We also have a HICAPS machine for easy and fast claims.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Enhance your appearance and confidence.
    The braces will help make your teeth straight and even. It would make you more confident in social interactions, and it’ll also improve the appearance of your face.

  • Easier to brush and floss your teeth.
    Braces can straighten your teeth, making brushing and flossing easier every day. You will have a beautiful smile and better oral hygiene.

  • Prevents gum disease and tooth decay.
    Dental problems resulting from poor oral hygiene include tooth decay and gum disease. You can practice better brushing and flossing by straightening your teeth to prevent these issues before they get worse.

  • Prevent dental injuries.
    Dental injuries are more likely if your teeth stick out. Braces can pull them back into the ideal position and prevent any future problems with injury or pain.

  • Improve speech.
    Crooked teeth can affect speech and cause lisps, making people very self-conscious. However, this tends to disappear after getting braces.

  • Improve your oral functions.
    Braces can address teeth and jaw alignment, which can help improve your bite and chewing function.

Braces work by exerting constant pressure on teeth and jaws, gradually moving them into the desired position. This is done via the brackets, which are glued to the teeth, and the archwire, which runs through the brackets and applies pressure to the teeth. Over time, the teeth gradually move into place, and the smile is transformed.

It’s worth noting that braces don’t just straighten teeth but can also be used to correct other dental problems. You need to come in for adjustments as recommended by your dentist, so the treatment will be effective.

The average treatment time for dental braces is 18–24 months. However, in some cases, it can take up to three years for the treatment to be effective. Your treatment period will depend on the severity of your case and how often you visit your dentist for adjustment.
You can play sports while wearing braces, but it’s important to be aware that there is an increased risk of mouth injury. This is because you are more likely to get hit in the face with a ball or collide with other players. However, there are ways to minimise the risk of mouth injury. For example, you can wear a mouthguard during practices and games to cushion the teeth during accidental blows or hits.

Patients will need to visit their dentist for regular checkups and adjustments.It is recommended that patients with dental braces visit the dentist every 6–8 weeks. This will help ensure that the treatment is effective and that the patient’s teeth stay healthy.

You should also brush and floss regularly to avoid dental problems. By following these recommendations, patients can ensure they will have a successful treatment.

Dental braces are an important investment in your dream smile, so it’s important to take care of them properly. Here are a few professional tips:

  • You should brush and floss your teeth regularly, paying special attention to metal brackets or wires. A small head brush with soft bristles will help you get into all those hard-to-reach places for better oral hygiene.

  • Good oral hygiene is important for keeping your braces clean and healthy. Avoid hard, chewy foods that can damage them, such as candy or gum.

  • You must be careful not to play with your braces or tighten the wires, as this can cause serious damage.

  • Make sure you see your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings, which will help keep your teeth healthy.

At Maylands Dental Centre, our traditional fixed braces are priced between $7,000 and $9,000. However, the cost of braces is not a one-size-fits-all figure. Several factors can influence the final price:

  • Individual needs:
    Every smile is unique. The complexity of your dental alignment impacts the duration and intricacies of the treatment.

  • Treatment duration:
    The length you need to wear braces can vary, affecting the overall cost.

  • Materials used:
    Advances in dental materials mean different options are available, each with its own pricing.

  • Additional treatments:
    Additional dental work is sometimes necessary before or after braces, which can affect the total cost.

Choosing braces is an investment in your oral health, not just your smile. Our team offers personalised care in a friendly environment, supporting you through your dental journey.

Please schedule a consultation with us at Maylands Dental Centre. We’re committed to clear communication about treatment costs. We will assess your dental alignment, discuss your options, and provide a detailed breakdown of costs.

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