CBHS Choice Network Preferred Dental Provider

Maylands Dental Centre is part of the CBHS trusted group of providers committed to providing affordable, exceptional treatment.

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Little To No Gap On Your Next Dental Check-up

CBHS Health is a nonprofit health fund serving current and former employees, contractors, and franchisees of the Commonwealth Bank Group (CBA Group). The CBHS Member Choice Group is a network of over 7,500 dental and optical providers committed to offering high-quality care to CBHS members while reducing or eliminating the Extras Gap for dental treatments.

Maylands Dental Centre has partnered with the CBHS Health Fund, which means that if you are a qualified member, you may have no gaps in your dental coverage. If you have health fund coverage, we will be happy to give you flexible dental coverage when you come to us for care.

Pat Little To No Gap On Your Next dental Check Up

Present your CBHS Health membership card to deduct your benefit from your bill automatically. Maylands Dental Centre is a CBHS Choice Network provider, so there may not be an out-of-pocket expense for biannual preventive dental visits (examination, x-rays, photographs, scale & clean, fluoride treatment).

Out-of-pocket costs depend on your level of coverage. However, we will apply maximum rebates on all dental treatments. Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to CBHS to confirm the specifics of your health insurance coverage.

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