Experience Seamless Payments With Ezidebit

Make your dental health journey smoother at Maylands Dental Centre. We offer Ezidebit, a straightforward and convenient payment system that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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Unlock the Convenience of Paying for Dental Care with Ezidebit

At Maylands Dental Centre, we’re excited to introduce Ezidebit – a payment service designed to streamline your dental care expenses and bring flexibility into your hands.

Ezidebit is a game-changer with its secure and seamless direct debit payment system. Whether you use a credit card, bank card, building society account, or credit union account, you can easily manage your expenses while prioritising your oral health. Take advantage of up to a $2,000 loan amount, zero interest charges, and an array of payment frequencies.

Choose Ezidebit for Your Next Dental Visit and Enjoy Hassle-Free Payments

To start using Ezidebit at Maylands Dental Centre, link your credit card, bank account, building society account, or credit union account. Remember that your account should accept direct debits and maintain enough funds to cover dental expenses.

You must authorise a Direct Debit Request (DDR), permitting Ezidebit to manage your payments. You then decide your repayment frequency, choosing between weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or 4-weekly intervals. Ezidebit is a zero-interest service; however, there is a small transaction fee and a potential failed payment fee if a debit is returned unpaid by your financial institution.

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