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Emergencies can happen anywhere, any place, and the same can be said for dental emergencies as well. Dental emergencies can be any injury resulting from trauma to the face/oral area. This can cause bleeding, dislodging of teeth, or a fracture. Any immediate treatment that is given to save tooth and stop bleeding in the oral region can be called dental emergency. Other situations such as teeth getting dislodged or loosened, lips and mouth cut and bleeding – all these are classified as dental emergencies.

Dental emergencies can happen any time, and it is important that you take care of it as soon as possible. Some injuries require immediate care from a dentist, but some others can be managed at home for a while till you are able to get to the dental clinic.

Dental emergency by knocked out tooth

Teeth get knocked out more frequently than you think. It can happen during contact sports, falling, accidents, or by any injury to the face or mouth.

If you find yourself with a knocked out tooth, follow the instructions below to keep it safe before you get to our clinic.

Carefully clean the teeth by rinsing it with water, do not touch the root of the teeth that has been injured. It would also be a good idea to place it back in is position but not too firmly. You may also place the tooth between the cheek and gum, or even in a glass of milk. The trick is to keep the tooth moist.

As soon as you can, make an appointment with your Mayland dentist to put the tooth back in place.

Dental emergency by chipped or loose teeth

If your teeth have only been chipped and it does not hurt too much, then it is alright to wait till the dental services are open. Call our centre and explain your requirements to our friendly receptionist, and pick a slot for your appointment as soon as possible.

But remember that it is important to provide immediate medical attention if there was trauma to the face which caused the tooth to get chipped. The injury may be more serious than you think, and it’s better to get it check at the earliest.

Fomenting with cold water will help bring down swelling. Proper care should be taken to ensure the chipped tooth does not get more damaged.

Same is the case when teeth has been loosened due to trauma to the mouth. Try not to handle the teeth much and leave it in the original position. Avoid chewing with the loosened tooth, and make an appointment with our emergency dentist at the earliest.

Dental emergency by tooth fracture

A fractured tooth can cause a lot of pain. There may also be bleeding and sensitivity. It is important that proper and immediate care be given to the fractured teeth so it does not affect oral health adversely.

Dental emergency by wounds to cheeks and lips

Cuts and bruises to cheeks, lips, tongue are also considered as dental emergencies if the damage is severe and needs immediate care and attention.

Injuries should be cleaned to avoid further damage or infection. Cleaning with warm water will help. It is important that you seek immediate dental care if there is severe bleeding.

Dental emergencies can be scary, but don’t be alarmed. Any injury, no matter how severe, can be treated. The important thing is to seek medical care as early as possible.

If you find yourself with any dental emergency, call us right away.

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